Dear World Citizens,

“Civis Mundus sum” – I am a world citizen. We must learn to see ourselves as global citizens. As a global citizen I commit myself first and foremost to the Global Commons. These are resources that our lives are dependent upon ecologically, genetically, socially, intellectually and culturally. In the last few decades, these borderless resources and realms have been made accessible, commercialized and exploited. Through the force of globalization, short-sighted policies and the lack of resource protection, this exploitation continuously takes what had previously been used locally. People all over the world who connect daily with the commons recognize that the regeneration of our habitat is a matter of our life or death. Despite all of this, neither the public nor private sector displays worry regarding the excessive use and destruction of these shared resources. Civil society, the third sector, beside the economy and the state, I see as a powerful balancing factor committed to resource access and its sustainability and safety on a local and global level. I am profoundly of the opinion that the shared management of these resources strikes a chord in regard to human dignity and as an independent citizen of this world. Therefore this cross-generational effort requires active young people who are pledged to its success. I am looking forward to advancing this common vision and understanding at the World Commons Forum 2009 in Salzburg.

HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan 

Chair of the World Commons Forum 2009