Creative Commons


MorethanMusic would like to support music in action as well as other small foundations who appreciate help from more popular artists - who are ready to support something MORE than music, which music in action is a perfect example (Dirgas).

The workshop content would then be: How can we help the popularity of such foundations and not only restrict it to a single one.

We would like to act as a roof and recommended platform for such and use our professional network, which is not only limited to the music industry to help these foundations get rolling and also to interconnect so they gain more substance and opportunities.

Creative Commons would be used here not as the known licensing model ( but as a resource which has got a lot more to offer than just art and entertainment, which can build a connecting spirit to help those in need and awaken more individuals to participate and get involved.


Feedback for the project presentation (pdf)
Results of the workshop (pdf)
Feedback for the workshop (pdf)


Host: John Watts


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