Futuro 8000


Futuro 8.000 is a project developed in cooperation with the Global Marshall Plan Foundation. It describes the results of two eco-social projects in Brazil showing that the realization of an eco-social market idea is possible and successful. The projects are starting 2009/2010 focus on renewable energy and base on sustainable production by selling seeds to produce oil and processing shells into thermic and electrical energy. Futuro 8.000 points at the urgent need to produce energy sustainable and at the same time acts on the “Green market” which offers a great chance and a huge market. In this way both eco-social projects prevent a future for minimum 8.000 families in Brazil. They show that in an eco-social market economy the realization of a win-situation for investors, environment and social justice is possible: 1. Economic sustainability: nuts available to be used 2. Environmental sustainability: conservation through care and careful use of land 3. Social Sustainability: increase of feelings of family values, self-inflow of higher quality through higher socio, equality of responsibility of women and men It is our intention to find out who could be interested to invest and to support the success of these eco-social market projects by doing so.


Feedback for the project presentation (pdf)
Results of the workshop (pdf)
Feedback for the workshop (pdf)

Host: Benno Steiner


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