HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

First, may I express my gratitude to Governor Gabi Burgstaller for graciously hosting this Forum. I regret not being present in person, but commitments in Jordan made it difficult to travel at this time. I had hoped to, that it might be possible to join by virtual communication, but it has proved to be difficult. My deepest appreciation goes to all participants of the global commons network, who are the backbone of this important process, a process that is more important than any one of us. It is you who are.... (read the whole letter HRH wrote to the particpants)


Gabi Burgstaller, Governor of Salzburg

As Governor of Salzburg, it is my great privilege and honor to be able to welcome the participants of the World Commons Forum September 29 - 30, 2009. These are exceptional times which lay the backdrop for this meeting. We have felt that the awareness of global connectivity is stronger than ever before. All options, stemming from negative prognoses and precarious future scenarios, must, from now on be common and universal. A decisive shift to new and sustainable economic forms and models, along with the cohabitation of various social groups, people and cultures must now be based on the broad foundation of collective applied intelligence. Now is the time to demonstrate to ourselves and future generations that we have the power and the courage to learn from crisis. The in-depth consultation with the Global Commons is an important step in this direction and the Coalition of a worldwide civil society is an indispensableally. May Salzburg be a fruitful field for a promising new beginning.

Mag. Gabi Burgstaller, Governor of Salzburg