Eco-Social Market Economy Workshop



Based on the Social Market Economy, an Ecosocial Market Economy takes corrective action where the market forces do not lead to sustainable results. It aims at an equitable balance between economy, social issues and ecology. With this in mind, the Ecosocial Market Economy is rooted not only in a comprehensively conceived EU Lisbon Strategy, but also in the EU draft constitution and in the EU strategy for sustainable development. Thus, Ecosocial Market Economy provides an alternative to market fundamentalism.

For a worldwide Ecosocial Market Economy, coherent global rules are indispensable – i.e. a minimum of global governance.

In this workshop we will discuss three different approaches to Ecosocial Market Economy and together we will try to come up with ideas and to find possible solutions. The approaches are:

1.    Quality of life without economic growth - What are the positive scenarios for the future (in spite of all the present horror scenarios)?
2.    Cost transparency  concerning to utilisation of ressources - How can we support this issue politically and publicly?
3.    Distributive justice (equity) - What is fair and how much disparity can our society agree on?


The Power Point presentation

Feedback for the project presentation (pdf)

Results of the workshop (pdf)

Feedback for the workshop (pdf)

Host: Franz Fischler, Ecosocial Forum Europe

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