Global Spirituality Workshop



The present state of the world calls for an evolution of human consciousness, far beyond advanced technologies, global goverance and good intentions. The upcoming challenges will need to be met with extraordinary steadfastedness, persistance and deep compassion that must be deeply rooted in each and all's spiritual source. Eight represantatives from different religious and cultural backgrounds have therefore designed an invitation to a Global Spirituality, transcending and respectfully including religions, spiritual traditions or philosophical concepts.

It is our intention to create a powerful impulse of Global Spirituality that will multiply its energy by travelling around the globe. More: To register as a supporter please pre-log in with Login Name: global and Password: spirituality. 


Read here the text "invitation to Global Spirituality" (pdf)

Feedback for the project presentation (pdf)

Results of the workshop (pdf)

Feedback for the workshop (pdf)

Host: Hans Jecklin, Elisabeth Walcher Global Spirituality


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