Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation



We believe that global citizenship mainly depends on individuals' attitudes. We want the majority of humans of the next generation to feel like a global citizen.
We want children to use their simple wisdom to take an active role.

We offer plant-for-the-planet academy workshops lasting at least 4 hours each to children aged 10-14.
In connection with the symbolic act of planting a tree and then caring for it, children will learn that they have to take care of the world as they would of their own garden.
We use climate justice to explain in the interconnectedness of our world today and will then also explain different approaches of defining what a fair distribution of wealth is.
We also empower children to form a global network of like-minded children and to develop collective intelligence.


Feedback for project presentation (pdf)

Workshop result (pdf)

Host: Felix Finkbeiner



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