Redesign ECOSOC


Political concept for a better/stronger UN and ECOSOC – based on a cooperation between nation-states with the global civil society.
Goal of the political initiative:
A concept based on cooperation of the qualified global civil society with governments who initiate a renewal of the 1944 "Dumbarton Oaks Conference" of the victorious nations.
Suggestion of a PROCEDURE (not of content) which shall finally lead to a better balanced world – to a better functioning United Nations – especially to a stronger ECOSOC (or other global regulating body).
Task of the workshop is to make Suggestions
- which governments could be challenged to chaperon the process – without dominating the content,
- which parts of the global civil society (like science, religious leaders, business, One-world NGOs) should be asked to join the initiative,
- where in our world such a new "Dumbarton Oaks Conference" could be located,
- what eminent body of wise elders could be asked to "filter" the results – and
- in what framework the results could be made public and advertised politically.

Further information can be downloaded here (pdf)


Feedback for the project presentation (pdf)
Results of the workshop (pdf)
Feedback for the workshop (pdf)

Host: Peter Hesse, Peter-Hesse-Foundation SOLIDARITY IN PARTNERSHIP  for ONE world in diversity

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